The Randomness Continues

Friday, June 27, 2003

The Ballad of a Slacker.

I wake up at noon,
think I'm looking at the moon.
It's the sun, my old friend,
I remember him well.
Before I slacked off and
doomed my self to... oH wELL.

I'm not a bad person,
I just make bad decisions.
I can hit a goose using a rock
with perfect procision.
But I made some mistakes,
not everyone's perfect.
I am kinda sorry bout
setting fire to the carpet.

You look at me like Im some kind of a freak,
just cuz I don't go outside for 5 weeks.
I sit in my basement watching TV and movies,
I could be doing other things (add D and B to "oobies").
So give me a break,
I'm a person too.
Even though I may belong in some kind of a zoo.

Next time you see me,
Hat, baggy pants and a hoodie.
Don't stare, run, or laugh,
But you might wanna sue me...
after I run out in traffic and out to your car...
and cover you with an industrial drum full of tar.

I just find these things funny,
and fairly amusing.
The world is my playground,
free for my abusing.
I like to laugh, and jump, and play,
I even like calling straight people... JAY LENO!

You can call me mean,
you can call me bad,
but making people miserable,
is kind of a fad.
I like to see,
the look on the face,
of the person who..
owns this place
that I just trashed...
but for the most part it's ok
you just might want to give it
a couple of days.

I don't need ritalin,
drugs are bad,
my mind is rotted out
but I still know that.
You can lock me up
and throw away the key.....
but when everythings quiet
you'll miss me.

Are there others
who follow me?
Who would help me light fire
to a christmas tree?
I bet there are,
somewhere far....
but for now it's just me
torching your car.

And that is the last of my super cool rhyme,
I'd go on longer, but look at the time!
Theres stuff to do,
like cleaning up,
and frankly...
I don't give a...
FUdge and iCe cream with caKe!



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