The Randomness Continues

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Who out there is afraid of getting lost on a desert island? Even though I may be miles from the nearest ocean, it is still a fear of mine. So I've compiled a list of things that everyone needs to have in case they get stranded in the middle of the ocean (or the swimming pool).

1. First of all, Duct Tape. What can you do with it? You can tape stuff together, make wallets, shave your legs, and many other countless possibilties.
2. A bag of pixie stix and several 2 liters of Mt. Dew. Why? Because I said so.. ya jerk!
3. A zippo. FIRE!
4. One of those cool color screen cell phone thingys. Why? Duh! So I can check the score of all the hockey games going on!

Now you're set! If you get trapped on an island you can survive for a few hours!

A WiseGuy once said:
-Never leave your house with out kissing the TV goodbye, it gets lonely
-Dogs are mans best friend right? Well that could change. Im trying to teach my Guinea Pig how to play PS2.
-N.eve,r in?sert r!ando;m pun:ctu"atio[n i(n yo-ur sen)te}nces@#$%^&*
-The voices said it was OK is not an excuse to give to a cop when pulled over for speeding
-It is not the King of Englands fault
-No matter how loud you scream at the teenagers in The Blair Witch Project, they always go in the woods.
-Home Alone should not be your inspiration for installing a new home security system
-The song "Who let the dogs out?" is not a hymn
-My cat is not the reincarnation of Napolean
-Barry Melrose is not stealing my Sports Illustrated
-Uncle Sam does not want me to go back to bed
-The dog with the Shifty eyes did not eat my homework then beat me up and take my lunch money
-Martha Stuart is not the devil
-I will stop stealing tobasco sauce from one restaurant and leaving it at another

Well thats your daily dose of vitamin randomness, now go cry in a dark corner as what I said sinks in and you realize that you to are lost in the middle of you swimming pool, your duct tape on the other side...


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