The Randomness Continues

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Today was a day for much celebration. First of all.... NO MORE WEIGHLIFTING IN MY GYM CLASS! Yes, I do realize it's important to become strong and be better in the sports we all love to play... yet 35 people crammed into a small junky broken down weight room that smells really bad for 45 minutes a day isn't my idea of fun. Now slamming people into a wall and shooting a small lump of leather (or whatever you play with) at high speeds between someones legs into a net... thats fun! Now, the celebration continued. I no longer have (her name will be changed to protect her... yet we wonder why?) Mrs. Anonymous. Mrs. Anonymous is one of the worlds most annoying teachers. To start with, her class (the name will be changed to protect the not so innocent) Class anonymous, is horrible. It's useless, boring, mind numbingly stupid, and useless. But she is worse. Nothing pleases her, her voice is so high (unbareable), she smells, and shes very very very redundant. It's a nightmare... yet Im done!!!!!!!! ALELUJIAH!!!!!!

Support your local punk rock band!!!!!!


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