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Monday, May 26, 2003

Hello and welcome back to The Randomness Continues; the number one site on the internet that no one will ever see. Since today is a national holiday, don't expect very much to happen here. I let the monkies that I keep chained in my basement that normally write for me out today, so while they're out stealing cop cars and harassing gas station managers I thought I might try to actually write by myself... I know, it's scary.

One of my favorite people on TV that I don't want to [CENSORED BY AUSTRALIA] is Jon Stewart from Comedy Central. I just saw a commercial for his show (The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart) where he went on to talk about the war in Iraq. He said that the war started after the media prepared cheesy music and back drops. Isn't that the truth! This guy essentially sums up everything that I think... watch him. He's hilarious.

In other news, did you hear about the sailor who was playing football on a ship out at sea when he fell off? Yeah, neither did I. But apparently his mom is suing because it was "too dangerous for her baby". Ok....? What have I been saying? If he had been playing hockey he wouldn't have died.

Have you ever actually sat down and watched TV with a stop watch going? There are usually more than 10 minutes of commercials per show. Thats mind numbingly bad. Thats to the point where a third of a normal program is commercials.

Well that's it... adios.


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