The Randomness Continues

Thursday, May 22, 2003

A famous man once said "I have to pee"

Exactly how can it get much better than Forest Gump? I know what your all saying. Pack up your bags, shut down your computer, and go join a cult because it cant get better than that, right? Well, considering my bags are boxes, my computer won't listen to me, and the cult kicked me out for stealing erasers (I swear, i dont know how they got in my pockets!) I think I am going to stay here and reminisce of all the fun times I've had writing funny things that my computer deleted out of it's own will. Excuse me, I will be out in the back yard with a 9 iron and my modem (office space... gotta love it).

A WiseGuy once said:
-Never spit at a Llama because it would be rude, and any self respecting Llama would so take you off his buddy list.
-Never fight a short chinese man... if movies have taught me anything it's that short chinese guys know Kung Fu... lots of Kung fu.
-Never talk to people you know, stick with strangers.


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