The Randomness Continues

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Ah, the second post! It smells like freshness. Now on to the randomness:

I just saw the Matrix Reloaded last night (very very good movie) but have not been able to concentrate on a single thing since then. All I can think of is what the third movie will be about. And now i've come to realize I hate (and love) the Wachowski brothers for making this cliff hanger (only 6 months long). I don't think any sane movie director has ever made such a good cliffhanger like the Wachowskis. No only will they create a cult classic (again) but they will no doubt use it to their advantage (Enter the Matrix- the video game, and The Animatrix- the animated shorts) to make a pretty penny more than that they will make off of Reloaded, and no doubt off of Revolutions.

TV has latley driven me to the brink of insanity. I have probably over 100 channels, yet 75% of the time all we have are informercials, martha Stuart (The goddess of selling cheap garbage), and cheasy Disney channel crud (Mickey Mouse, the god of selling cheap garbage). If there are so many channels then why am I channel surfing 1/2 of the time????


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